Independent Study

  • Students are expected to complete their programs through the normal schedule of courses. However, students in their last term are permitted to apply for required courses as Independent Study, provided that all the following conditions have been met:

    1. The student is in their last term.
    2. The course is required by the student to complete a degree or certificate program.
    3. The course is not being offered on the term schedule, or the time of the course conflicts with another course the student needs to take.
    4. No appropriate course substitution can be found.
    5. The Independent Study is approved by the Academic Program Dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    Each application of Independent Study will be carefully reviewed and approved by the Academic Associate Dean, Dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students are advised, however, that the College is under no obligation to provide this option. When the Independent Study is approved, the student will meet with the faculty assigned on a weekly basis. A course taken as Independent Study will cover the same content as the regularly scheduled course and have the same requirements and evaluation as outlined in the course syllabus.
    A student in his/her last semester may earn credit independent of a classroom setting for a specific course described in this Catalog when the course is not offered in the semester schedule but is required in order to complete a degree or certificate program.
    Note: The College is under no obligation to provide this option.

Individual Study

  • These courses enable talented students to earn credit in certain disciplines through special projects, research, creative work, internships, or other means of independent academic pursuit, without conforming to the restrictions of a traditional classroom setting. Individual study credit may be earned only for a course that deals with content not included in an existing BCCC course. Individual study is different from and should not be confused with, independent study.
    To earn Individual study credit, students must first submit a proposal in which they explain, in detail, the project for which credit is desired. Proposals may be submitted at any time during the academic year, and proposal forms are available from Associate Deans. Often students prepare the proposal in consultation with the BCCC instructor, who will subsequently supervise and evaluate the actual work. The proposal must be approved by both the appropriate Associate Deans and the supervising instructor. After approval is granted, students must register and pay the normal tuition and fees before beginning the work. The number of credits to be earned for an individual study project depends upon the scope of the endeavor and shall be stated as part of the initial proposal. No more than six credits earned through individual study may be used towards the Associate’s degree. For further information, contact the Associate Dean of the department in which individual study is desired.
Last Modified on July 6, 2020