• Purpose

    The Articulations office was designed as a separate function was to provide the College with a functional office that focuses on credit program partnerships and articulations agreements with four year colleges, universities, and government and state agencies. It is the Articulations Coordinator’s responsibility to create and manage MOU’s and articulation agreements that offer credit courses and credit programs throughout the Maryland community; precisely providing students a seamless transition from one academic entity to another with emphasis on community college AA/AS degrees to university BS/AA degrees.                                                                                             

    The purpose of Transfer Services is to promote, support, and complement the academic mission of the institution by working collaboratively with universities and colleges, students, faculty, and staff. Transfer Services and its partners create and extend transfer services.


    • Facilitate successful student transition through coordination of academic services
    • Increase the number of transfer students who persist at the College
    • Increase visibility of services and support available for transfer students
    • Provide transition services in an effort to acclimate transfer students to the college culture thereby enhancing the quality of their experiences
    • Evaluate available transfer student data on an on-going basis
    • Prepare transfer students through the coordination and delivery of transfer
    • Support transfer students through the coordination of counseling and advising in an effort to assist transfer students in graduating on schedule


    The Office of Articulations provides quality assurance and efficiencies through internal and external collaborations that enhance the quality of the student experience.

    Transfer Services is committed to serving transfer students by helping them prepare for rewarding academic experiences, assisting them as they transition to four-year colleges and universities, and promoting their progress toward graduation. As an advocate and representative for transfer students Transfer Services takes an active role in enrollment support and in the communication of transfer student issues to both internal and external constituencies. The Office will maintain good connections across the college and serve as a referral service for students needing specific help or guidance.



    The Office of Academic Operations, Articulations and Accreditation provides operational efficiencies that support and sustain a culture of evidence.

    Baltimore City Community College’s Transfer Services is recognized as a pathway to the bachelor’s degree by the community it serves.


Last Modified on September 4, 2018